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We plow, salt and shovel commercial parking lots and sidewalks.

Snow Plowing and Removal in Batavia, IL

In addition to our surface cleaning, sealcoating, striping and patching services, Clean Sweep Environmental, Inc. also offers high quality Snow Plowing and Removal Services.

Have you been satisfied with your service?

Does your current vendor use appropriate deicers for concrete and asphalt surfaces? Are you charged only for the amount of deicers used? Do they offer to plow and remove snow? Are they sensitive to preventing turf damage? Is your service thorough and reliable? Are you comfortable that your level of service lowers your exposure to potential litigation due to slip and fall or vehicular accidents? Is your vendor insured?

If you answer no to any of these questions, we ask that you consider our services. We are interested in a long-term relationship with each of our customers and strive to meet or exceed their expectations.

Is your Vendor Undercapitalized?

At CSE, Inc., we pride ourselves on having the right equipment to do the job. We do not subcontract with other vendors allowing us to be in control of our services and our commitment to customers. In fact, we never overextend ourselves and will not service more customers than we can handle rather than compromise our level of service.

Our snow plowing/removal equipment includes 4 wheels plow trucks, salt spreaders, bobcats, end loaders, dump trucks and semi-trucks.

Choose a Professional!

With any decision, if you receive a low bid use caution. Typically, a vendor that underbids the marker may not be adequately insured, own enough of the right equipment to be thorough or may experience excessive breakdowns and are unreliable.

We are proud of our service, so give us a try… you will not be disappointed!!


For a free analysis and no obligation quote, please contact us at: 630-879-8750 or

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For a free analysis and no obligation quote, please contact us.
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Quality Work

We treat each and every property as if it was our own. Clean Sweep Environmental Inc. does not hire subcontractors allowing us to do a job well done everytime. 


Peace of Mind

We are fully certified, licensed, and insured. Our services lower your exposure to potential litigation due to slip and fall or vehicular accidents 


Competitive Prices

Contact us for a free analysis and no obligation quote.